Over the years, CourtoyTM has developed a number of special machine features to deal with the difficulties typically occurring in industrial applications. These challenges include:
  • Highly abrasive powders, demanding special feeding systems and measures against wear.
  • Aggressive, toxic and explosive products, necessitating reliable operator and environmental protection.
  • Complex part shapes, requiring utmost accuracy and process control.
  • Fragile parts, which need to be conveyed from the press in a controlled way, without being damaged.
  • Multiple-layer tablet production, where bonding between all layers is crucial.

Hard metal, ceramics and TuCa balls

  • For many decades, CourtoyTM has been the leading supplier of rotary presses for small ceramic balls, cutting tools and other high- volume applications.
  • Being the number-one supplier to the nuclear industry, CourtoyTM has developed special control systems and offers modified press cycles to press parts with constant density.

TuCa balls

Electronic components: semi-conductors, ferrites, carbon parts

  • Leading manufacturers of electronic components use CourtoyTM presses, known for their reliability and precision at high speed.
  • To solve problems such as capping, CourtoyTM has developed special ‘hold-down’ systems, maintaining a force on the tablet in order to control the stress gradient during ejection.
  • The CourtoyTM “take-off-” system guarantees that parts are removed from the press without being damaged.

ferrite cores & carbon brushes


  • Reliability, speed and easy maintenance are key in this industry, as well as the ability to use high compression forces at high speeds. CourtoyTM is the preferred supplier of many of the world’s battery manufacturers for round, rectangular and button cell applications.
  • State-of-the-art mechanical solutions, advanced control systems and an open machine architecture all contribute to make CourtoyTM the stand-out solution.


Automotive industry

  • High volume low production cost
    and easy maintenance are key in this industry.
  • Valve seats and rare earth magnets require high specific compression forces while airbag tablets are to be produced in an explosion proof environment.

Valve seats, fuse holders and magnets

Catalysts industry

  • Aluminum oxide is often used a catalyst support to which a catalyst is affixed. Generally speaking aluminum oxide powder are free flowing and the press feeder types need to be equipped with special paddles to avoid blockages.
  • The need for maximum process surface can make the pellet shape very complex including a high number of central holes. The central holes are produced using core rods guided in the lower punch.

Dishwasher tablets

Detergents and salt

  • The world’s principal detergent manufacturers use CourtoyTM tablet presses for the production of multiple- layer dishwasher tablets. CourtoyTM’s areas of expertise include double and triple layer tableting, as well as tab-in- tab applications and dry coating.
  • With salt being a particularly corrosive product, the production of salt tablets for water softening is an especially demanding process. CourtoyTM heavy- duty presses outlive those supplied by competitors, even when processing very aggressive powders.

Various types of catalysts

Food and drink

  • CourtoyTM is a highly respected brand among candy manufacturers. Typical applications include lollypops, mints and candy watches.
  • A very novel compression application is the coffee pad. By providing customized solutions to one of the world’s leading coffee pad manufacturers, CourtoyTM has immediately secured the technological lead position in this market.

Various types of catalysts

Courtoy Core Business

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