R&D ConsiGma™-25
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R&D ConsiGma™-25

The ConsiGma™-1, designed for fast and easy deployment in R&D labs, is capable of running batches of a few hundred grams up to 5 kg or more, with less than 10 g of product held up in the process and product losses of less than 80 g. Because of the fast processing times, minimal retention times and flexibility of the system, it is ideal for developing your formula and process parameters using DoE. The process parameters developed with ConsiGma™-1 can be directly transferred to the full-scale ConsiGma™ system.

The ConsiGma™-25 can handle flexible batch sizes from 500 g up to several tons. There is no process scale-up as time is the only relevant factor in a continuous process, which dramatically reduces development time and costs. The system is compact (one third that of a classic granulation line), modular — so fits perfectly into any R&D department or existing solid dosage suite
(inclusive of a tablet press) — and subscribes to the philosophy of Quality by Design (QbD)
Typical applications for ConsiGma™ include producing small batches of high added value products, the production/launch of new molecules, reformulations and current non-robust processes, formulations with specific granulation and/or drying issues, site changes or increases in production and more economic and greener production methods. ConsiGma™ offers you

 maximal end-product safety using online quality control
 10 times faster testing in R&D
 40% saving on labour
 reduction of manufacturing space by 60% compared with current standards
 50% energy savings based on reduced power and heat recovery
 from 0.5–5% yield improvement.

With its light weight, ultra small size and modular construction, ConsiGma™ fits perfectly in every R&D department or an existing tablet production room. No need to change the building, just wheel it in, connect the power and an air supply and off you go. Installation time and cost are reduced to afraction of the current benchmark.