HC 120 Cartoner
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HC 120 Cartoner

Designed and constructed in accordance with the requirement of the pharmaceutical industry and in observance of GMP standards. Meet to handle a wide range of products for pharmaceutical, food, confectionary and other industrial field. Its structure separates mechanical /electrical zone from the packaging area. Driving mechanism applied are mechanical cam, shaft, gear driving and accurate operation of timing belt, etc. System provides the fast format changeover or adjustment through easy access, with minimized number of parts and programmed size parameter via touch screen. Enable to apply multi purpose line (i.e bottle and blister) contribute to relieve user’s complex demands and to expand business criteria with economic budget.

Max. 80 cartons per minute
ㆍMMI control via PLC and touch panel
ㆍProduct in feed bucket conveyor made by tooth belt adjustable gab of bucket width
ㆍChecking system for presence of product feeding into carton
ㆍEasy and fast format mold changeover by digital indicator
ㆍAll design of safety complied with CE regulation
ㆍInduction motor driving controlled by inverter
ㆍComplete safety interlock design
ㆍVarious kind of products applicable (bottles, tubes, vials, etc.)
ㆍcGMP standard complied